About smallCogMUSIC

Frustrated by the lack of opportunity to get our music ‘out there’ we set up smallCogMUSIC to do this.
Originally just for CDs recorded by Eddie Baird as a means to get his solo works out to his fans across the world.

It was a chance meeting with Chris Cooper at a charity event that the idea to widen the scope to include other artists began. The success of our EP ‘Harbour’ encouraged us to branch out and include other artists.

Others, most of them friends and sometime band members kindly allow us to place their work online, sometimes to sell but often just to give it a chance to be heard.

We have been selling music, both physical CDs and downloads via our own shop and through iTunes and Amazon for the past couple of years and will be expanding further with merchandise and other products.

Keep checking back, follow us on Twitter @smallcogmusic and support local original talent!


Darryl – smallCogMUSIC