Flying Shears

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Flying Shears is a self-indulgent vehicle for  Darryl Ebbatson to release his own music, sometimes with the help of friends to produce music in styles regardless (or in spite) of current trends!

The first song from this batch to be released was ‘Floating on JD’, a celebration of a visit to Memphis taking in the sights and tastes of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee many years ago, written and recorded for the occasion of a special friends 50th birthday based on the drunken scribbles of an idea for a future hit!

The new ‘pop’ album ‘Nothing Much To Do…’ was released on 7th March 2016 and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon  and available as a physical CD from this site.Flying Shears album cover

The song ‘2nd Guess‘ is now available on Soundcloud to listen to HERE




An electronic pop 4 track EP ‘Clock Tower’ has been released and is now available on iTunes , Amazon and Spotify!