Folk Night Live – Live Song Challenge #6

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It’s that time again folks.. it’s the FOLK NIGHT LIVE SONG CHALLENGE #6!!! Every month we give one another a song to cover that the other person wouldn’t choose themselves and then we have to cover said song, and make a video to go with it!!!This week we have members[…]

Folk Night Live Challenge #5!

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It’s that time again Folkers! It’s the Folk Night Live Song Challenge #5!!! Every Fortnight we randomly pick names and assign each other a song that we think the person would never pick to cover themselves… then they have to cover it and make a music video!!! This Video Stars[…]

Folk Night Live Challenge #4

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Here we go guys this is The Folk Night Live Lockdown Song Challenge #4! It’s a game where we give one another an interesting song to cover that we think they’d be good at or maybe wouldn’t pick themselves. With members of Ramble Gamble, Momma’s Days Are Done, Chriscooperband and Special Guests.. The Boys[…]

Folk Night Live Challenge! #3

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Here’s our new Folk Night Live song challenge where we each give a person a song we think they wouldn’t ever choose to cover! This week we have… Matt Hercock – Birdhouse in Your Soul – They Might Be GiantsChris Logan – 19-2000 – GorillazThomas Pogson – HOOOK – Blues[…]

Folk Night Live Challenge! #2

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We’ve been entertaining ourselves once again, by challenging one another to cover a song we wouldn’t usually choose. We put everybody’s attempts into a massive 30 minute long video for you all. These are the songs in order.. Sian Hart – I’ve Got A Dog And My Dogs Name Is[…]